Mikindani [translation: young palm trees], is an old Swahili port that was once the center of the trade whereby the inhabitants (makonde tribe) where added Arabs traders in 9th reaching  17th century Arabs influence influx increased, the graves and mosques from this period is the evidence today.

German started ruling in the 19th century and traded in the area’s natural resources of rubber, sisal, coconuts and oil seed grew also built the boma (fort), a slave market, a prison and a dock were constructed in the village which were destroyed badly during I world war.

British came into power and Mikindani remained as an administrative post that even attracted Indians settlement but center for trade and administration moved to Mtwara, Mikindani’s focus shifted back to fishing and agriculture, the town declined further when Indians and Arabs settles were chased.

The town is home to ‘Livingstone House’, For Livingstone’s final departure point would, in fact,t have been a nearby northern side of lagoon

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