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Dar es Salaam

Size & Population:

The City is located between latitudes 6.36 degrees and 7.0 degrees to the south of Equator and longitudes 39.0 and 33.33 to the east of Greenwich. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the east and by the Coast Region on the other side. The total surface area of Dar es Salaam City is 1,800 square kilometers, comprising of 1,393 square kilometers of land mass with eight offshore islands, which is about 0.19% of the entire Tanzania Mainland’s area. Dar es Salaam city has a population of 4,364,541 according to Census 2012.

Brief Information:

The City was originally dominated by Zaramo and a few other tribes especially Ndengereko and Kwere. However, due to urbanization many people of different ethnicity and origins have immigrated to the city in big numbers resulted in a cultural diversification.

Dar es Salaam has a unique status, being the major City of Tanzania and the center of countrywide government administration, industry, commerce and banking activities, despite of the Government decision to move its capital to Dodoma. Dar es Salaam is also the major port City of Tanzania. It has more than 575 major industrial establishments, a Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Foreign Exchange Bureaus, and Business companies in all sectors.

Dar es Salaam city comprises of great historical places as was:-

  • Built by Sultan Seyyid Majid of Zanzibar who ruled the 166-km East African coastal strip between 1856 to 1870
  • The capital of German East Africa in 1891
  • The capital of the British Administration in Tanganyika after the 1st World War
  • The capital of the United Republic of Tanzania since the 1961 independence until now

Popular Attractions:

Dar es Salaam city being the centre of Tanzania history, commerce and administration for many economic sectors, a city tour of will take you to the museums such as the National Museum, the Nyerere Cultural Centre, and the Village Museum; to markets such as Mwenge Carvings Market, the Magogoni Fish Market, and the largest in the country Kariakoo; to historical places such as Askari Monument, State House, St Peter’s Church, St Joseph Cathedral; to Botanical Gardens and Beaches and Coastal areas; and, interesting spots facilities.

Getting There:

By Air

There are many international flights from overseas to Dar es Salaam via the Julius Nyerere International Airport [JNIA] to include Emirates, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways, Dubai Air.

There are domestic flights from and to Dar es Salaam city connecting you to nearly all parts of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar such as Arusha, Mwanza, Tanga, Zanzibar, Kigoma, Mtwara, Bukoba, Mbeya and to the National Parks and Game Reserves.

By Bus

There are regular buses and coaches from Dar es Salaam and to all parts of Tanzania mainland and neighboring countries of Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and, Rwanda.

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