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Our prices for Kilimanjaro trekking and wildlife safaris are competitive and offer great value of your money.
We guarantee to offer you good prices for a high quality climb.
We do not cut costs by paying porters and guides low salaries and we do not cut corners by leaving out essential things like, private portable chemical flush toilets and summit emergency oxygen.
Please if you find Kilimanjaro climb with everything we include at a lower price just let us know and we will do our best efforts to match the price.
Success is what we want during our trip. We are prepared for any urgent situation and also have in place a complete evacuation procedure in case of altitude sickness. (We carry oxygen for use only in rescue situations, as a complement to descent). And the use of Gamow bags on the mountain is unheard of, because descent is the best, and always available, remedy. Nonetheless, there are those who are more comfortable paying inflated prices to climb Kilimanjaro we provide the same safety measures, or better, but you don’t have to pay thousands more to have them!.